Queen Segan is the daughter of Tange, the sister of Prince Toban and the Queen of the Nirads. She can speak telepathically to all the Nirads, which is what makes her queen.

She became Queen after her mother was turned to stone and destroyed by the Gorgons Stheno and Euryale, who then imprisoned Segan and enslaved the Nirads and forced them to attack Olympus under the threat of harming any young Nirads.

Eventually, the King of Olympus Jupiter was captured and brought to the Gorgons. After the Flame of Olympus Emily Jacobs started to use her powers to free her father Steve and Pegasus, the roof of the cage Segan was in started to fall, but Jupiter broke free of his chains to save the Queen from being crushed by the roof. Tange and his brothers lifted the roof off the two. When the Gorgons started to turn everyone to stone, Segan was saved from being turned after Jupiter (who was immune to the Gorgons' powers) covered her. Luckily, Emily was able to defeat and kill the Gorgons and started to restore those turned to stone. However, much to the sadness of Segan and Toban, Emily was advised by Jupiter not to restore Tange and his brothers as the roof of the cage was made from Olympian Gold (which is poisonous to Nirads) and that if they were restored, they would have died a painful death.

Segan and Pegasus later accompanied Emily as she used her powers to restore the other Nirads. The trio then fly to the Nirad palace for a banquet with the other Olympians and Nirads.

Some time later, Segan and Toban had the stone remains of their mother put together again and placed it with the statue of Tange and his brothers and made it a monument. The two then gave the monument of their family to the Olympians to safeguard.


Segan is a small Nirad with pink skin (like Toban and their late mother). She also wears a gown.