Prince Toban is the brother of Queen Segan and the Son of Tange.

He helped Paelen, Cupid and Steve Jacobs enter the Nirad palace where Segan, Steve's daughter Emily (who was the Flame of Olympus), Pegasus and Joel DeSilva where being held captive by two gorgons named Stheno and Euryale (who had enslaved the Nirads).

He and Joel later attempted to free Segan after Emily and the Nirads fought against the Gorgons, but was turned to stone. Shortly after defeating and killing the Gorgons, Emily (on the request of Segan) restored Toban. He along with Segan, was sad when Jupiter told Emily that she couldn't restore Tange as he, along with his three brothers, touched the roof of the cage Segan was in, which was made from Olympian Gold (which is poisonous to Nirads).