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Vital statistics
Title Paelen
Name Paelen
Home Olympus
Gender Male
Family Paelen Clones (clones)
Friends Pegasus, Joel DeSilva, Emily Jacobs, Jupiter, Alexis, Thomas, Tornado Warning, Pegasus Clones, Diana, Diana Clones, Cupid, Cupid Clones, Pluto, Neptune, Tirk, Queen Segan, Prince Tobin, Vesta, Apollo
Enemies CRU, Agent R, Agent PS, Kronos, Agent T (formerly), Stheno, Euryale, Paelen Clones (formerly)
Status Alive
Appearances Pegasus and the Flame, Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus, Pegasus and the New Olympians, Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus
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This article contains spoilers to the Pegasus series.
Paelen is one of the main male protagonists of Pegasus.


Pegasus and the FlameEdit

Pegasus and the Fight for OlympusEdit

Pegasus and the New OlympiansEdit

Pegasus and the Origins of OlympusEdit


Although Paelen is actually centuries old, he looks no older than a teenager aged sixteen to seventeen years. He is described as having warm, smiling brown eyes, unkempt brown hair and a mischievous, crooked grin.


As you may guess from his appearance, Paelen is troublesome, playful and funny. He loves a laugh and often plays pranks on other Olympians, Cupid being a favourite of his, but at the same time he's also respectful of the older gods. However, behind that innocent face once lay a thief, and although he no longer steals from other Olympians he still remains sneaky and resourceful. Many Olympians believe he hasn't changed his ways, but since meeting Emily and Joel he has stopped thieving and become a best friend to both of them. He is loyal, caring, yet mischievous, and doesn't lose his patience very often unless he has dislikes someone a lot.


He is on a misson to steal Pegasus but changes he is one of the gods that describes me

So what i mean that he is a nice guy for the god of the thieves at least he is not hades


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