Vital statistics
Title King of Olympus
Name Jupiter
Home Olympus
Gender Male
Family Saturn (father)
Ops (mother)
Terra (grandmother)
Uranus (grandfather)
Neptune and Pluto (brothers)
Vesta and Ceres (sisters)
Juno (wife/sister)
Mars, Vulcan, Apollo, Hercules and Perseus (sons)
Diana and Minerva (daughters)
Pegasus and Chrysoar (nephews)
Friends Pegasus, Joel DeSilva, Paelen, Emily Jacobs, Alexis, Thomas, Tornado Warning, Pegasus Clones, Diana Clones, Paelen Clones, Cupid, Cupid Clones, Pluto, Tirk, Queen Segan, Prince Tobin, Vesta
Enemies Kronos, Titans, Nirads (formerly), CRU, Gorgons
Status Alive
Appearances Pegasus and the Flame, Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus, Pegasus and the New Olympians, Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus
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Jupiter is one of the main characters of the Pegasus series. He is the brother of Neptune, Pluto and Vesta, the brother and husband of Juno, the father of Mars, Vulcan, Mercury, Apollo and Diana, the god of the sky and the king of the Olympians.


Pegasus and the FlameEdit

Pegasus and the Fight for OlympusEdit

Pegasus and the New OlympiansEdit

Pegasus and the Origins of OlympusEdit


Jupiter was king of the gods in Roman mythology.


Jupiter appears as an old muscular black haired man. His eyes are black, he wears white toga and has a long beard.

When he was young, Jupiter was described as very beautiful, even Emily was attracted, Jupiter was considered more beautiful than Cupid.


Jupiter is respectable, merciful, smart, curious and impulsive, but he really loves all his family, friends, and creatures that live in Olympus. Jupiter has a great ability to lead.

Jupiter has a great respect for the natural rules and order of the universe, If anyone tries to disrespect these rules, he can be very stern to the point of ruthlessness when necessary. When the humans made a clone of Pegasus, Zeus was so angry that he wanted destroy the earth and exterminate the mankind.

He is able to even sacrifice himself to protect the people that he loves or to keep the order in the universe.

Power and Abilities. Edit

The nature of Jupiter's powers are unknown, but it is heavily implied the he is extremely magically powerful.

As a God, he possessed the powers of immortality and flight.

Superhuman Strength: Despite his advanced age, Jupiter, as an Olympian, possesses strength far greater than that of a normal human, he could easily overpower almost anything in earth, Olympus and some other worlds.

Superhuman Agility: Jupiter's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are far superior to the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

Shapeshifting: Jupiter was able to shapeshift. For example he can transform to humans in trees.

Lightning manipulation: Jupiter can manipulate the weather to create several kinds of natural storms. Jupiter created a storm in Los Angeles when he and the other olympians invaded the earth.

With his brothers, he has enough power to destroy the mankind in few seconds.

Jupiter can read minds and learn faster than any human.




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